Strength. Balance. Flexibility. Aging concerns

The three concerns of aging

STRENGTH –  Muscular strength is necessary for: 


  • Lifting or moving objects  
  • Balance and stabilization of the body under ALL conditions of movement

Maintaining your strength is important because strength:


  • Eases effort during activities of daily living. (especially as we age)  
  • Increases lean muscle.   
  • Increases bone density (especially important for women)


  • Having good balance is vital for many activities we do every day, such as walking and going up and down the stairs. Exercises that improve balance can help prevent falls, which, comes at an increasingly higher risk for older individuals as well as victims of strokes. 


  • Flexibility is essentially the range of motion about a joint. It is a key aspect in not only maximizing potential gains through a range of motion but also maintaining proper balance and posture when performing activities of daily life.  It also helps with overall function/movement which helps keep you young.


 Personal attention and encouragement that helps you meet your goals. Whether this is your first time or you're experienced you’ll enjoy working out in our comfortable, fun and supportive atmosphere.

Senior Fitness

Fitness for seniors


As I grow older, I realize the importance of our overall health and the benefits in active aging. It allows us independence. We are able to travel and engage in every day activities. Something as small as going to the grocery store is so much easier if you feel safe, confident and balanced.


As we age, an active lifestyle is more important than ever. It does not need to be complicated. A simple exercise plan of motion and movement can help you feel strong and confident. 

For Mature Adults Regular exercise can help boost energy, maintain your independence, and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Exercise can even reverse some of the symptoms of aging. Not only is exercise good for your body, it is also good for your mind, mood, and memory. I cannot stress enough how important fitness for seniors is. Whether you are healthy or managing an illness, there are plenty of ways to get more active, improve confidence, and boost your fitness level.

Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness